Sunday, February 13, 2011

How Smart is Your Baby Program Weekly Logs & Checklists

Weekly logs for various stages of brain development and stimulation 

Seven pages.

If only you knew what went into these seven pages.

For the past er, week or so I have devoted almost every spare moment to perfecting this little document.

This may or may not have resulted laundry that didn't get done and other menial tasks put off for another day.

I have been working on making my own, customized versions of weekly logs for the Doman motor and sensory stimulation programs as outlined in How Smart is Your Baby.

Am I the only one who ever asked why the book didn't come with these?

Oh, I know. The book has checklists. But the checklists in the book are a full page per day. And that is a full page per day for each aspect, which actually would come out to three full pages per day. Not only would that make for an unusually high paper budget, but I needed something a little more compact, at a glance, all-in-one.

So I made my own.

I am publishing these documents now as some sort of appeasement to myself for all the hours I spent on them. Don't ask me why it took so long. It just did.

And now that I am done, Hunter might have some more clean socks.

Hopefully some other people will find some benefit out of my toil. If you've got a newborn or a little baby (or are expecting one) and are planning to implement Doman's book, enjoy!
Stage I-III Doman Program Motor & Sensory Logs

If you've never read the book that these logs are meant to be a companion to, they may seem a little, er, weird. I'm certainly not going to even try to explain everything right now, but essentially the exercises on these logs were developed as a means to intentionally help your baby develop and grow, and in turn reach their milestones sooner than if it were left to chance. It is also a means of evaluating your baby's neurological health, noting any issues long before they would be otherwise apparent.

The exercises were developed after years and years of research from the IAHP on how the brain grows and why, with the original focus of helping to heal brain injuries in children. Many of these same exercises are still used today to help grow and heal the brains of brain-injured children.

I will be writing much more about the program in time come!
"And he appointed certain of the Levites to minister before the ark of the LORD, and to record..." 
1 Chronicles 16:4
Baby boy #2 is currently 25 weeks, 1 day gestation


  1. Wow, am I glad that your Doman kids are older than mine! Lol, I'm going to get alot of great stuff out of you. I began my 15th list/out line for all the things I want to do with my kids and thought to myself, "Darn, this is just an uber-vague outline. How am I going to track the day to day things?"

    :}. Fortunately for me, you've got a Doman baby on the way so I need only take notes, book mark and save a few documents a long the way.

  2. Well thanks, I'm glad someone else will find them useful. :)

  3. Tk u, tk u tk u! I was so overwhelmed with the no of checklists! My boy is 2weeks and my pack just arrived and I also have a 2 yr old girl, also involved in early learning and this will certainly make things easier. Tk u for ur labour of love !

    One more thing, you also encourage me to know the bible more as you always seem to share it's richness and depth so effortlessly and not judgemental about it either! Tk u....I'll always be back on ur blog.

  4. Elizabeth! Thank you very much for creating these check lists. I am due in 6 weeks and planning to do Doman program from the birth and these check lists will be a great help for us! Thank you again! I am going to share a link to this post on Brillkids, this way even more people will benefit from it :)

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE CHECKLISTS! Planning on trying How Smart Is Your Baby with my newborn due in 8 weeks. Just so you all know, I used the Glenn Doman method to teach my two year old to read. She was reading full length Dr. Seuss books with perfect ease before she turned three. It REALLY WORKS! Hope you all try it.

  6. Thank you for having the determination so long ago to test Doman's theories, the courage to share the adventure with all of us, and the discipline to do it in such an organized, helpful, and inspiring format. What a blessing to have you as a point of reference!

  7. God bless you for all the work that you're doing for your children and thank you so very much for allowing us to follow your journey. I am a new mommy to a 2.5-month-old little boy and I have just found out about the Doman method. For the first few weeks of my baby's life I could tell that he was thirsty for knowledge and when I asked others what they did at home with their newborns and infants I was just told to read to him and to do tummy time. Well, we do that every day (in addition to some Spanish and little games like 'follow mommy' where my boy follows me with his eyes as I walk from right to left), but I know my baby wants more and so I am hoping to launch into the Doman program soon. My question for you is whether you recommend that I start with Stage I or should I go straight to Stage II since that's meant to begin at 2.5 months and from what I can gather from 'How Smart is Your Baby' (just started reading the book today) Stage II repeats some of the things from Stage I. What are your thoughts? I want to make sure my little one gets the maximum benefit from the program. Thanks for any advice you can give (I know you're super busy)!


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