Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Imaginative Anatomy

"That's Grandpa's surgery" Hunter explained.

He had emptied his 88-cent anatomy man and filled it with this foam-ball reusable molding material he has, apparently to replicate the picture I let him see of my dad's intestines spread all over the place mid-surgery last Friday.

I had showed him the picture and explained, "They had to make an incision in his abdomen. These are his intestines. That's where the food goes when we eat it, and they help us digest our food."

He seemed intrigued, to say the least, although I wasn't too sure how much he totally understood, I at least gave him the opportunity and exposure.

But the anatomy man really surprised me. He really "gets" it, I thought to myself.

And then, I was glad that I didn't leave him in the dark about it, as is the natural instinct of modern society. The typical two-year-old explanation (if any) would be no more than "Grandpa was sick and the doctors fixed him".

This is the beginning of a whole new world of discovery for him (and me). We are very excited.

"He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds." 
Psalm 147:3

Hunter is 2 years, 8 months old