Sunday, August 4, 2013

Swimming Milestone: Climbing Out of Edge of Pool (Safety Skills) - Age 25 Months

Learning how to climb out of pool

Ever since Damien was a newborn, part of his home swim lessons has been hanging on the edge of the pool, and once he learned how to crawl, he has been practicing climbing out of the pool from the edge, with my help.

I have always given him as little help as possible so that he could learn to do it by himself one day.

Being able to get out of the pool - especially in the case of an accident where there is no one there to help you - is a vital safety skill and is part of the reason why I have always emphasized it in our lessons.

One or two weeks ago, Damien, at age 2 years 1 month old, finally climbed out of the pool on his own.

We were pretty excited!

Is learning how to climb out of the edge of the pool part of your swim lesson experience?