Friday, April 30, 2010

Daily Journals, Episode 5

Favorites this week include bike riding, play dough, pilates with Mom, and the pull-up bar.

Besides our normal daily routine with some reading, math games, and writing, a few little notes here and a few little notes there of some highlights of our days.

The day with the carnivals  4.23.10 - Friday

 Today Mom and Hunter went on various excursions all over the place. To celebrate the Month of the Military Child, both the daycare center and the youth center had their respective carnivals, attended by this enthusiastic parent-child team.

Hunter had fun at the first carnival, and learned that in the arena of daycare, it's a kid-eat-kid world. Well, at least when it comes to the jump house. A little lesson in assertiveness, i.e., not standing there politely and confused while endless streams of four and five year olds pile in front of you and cut you in line. It's ok to say, please don't cut. Really.

On another note, there was lunch, the fire truck, sand and water play, ball games, inflatables and slides, bubbles, face painting, and quite a few others enjoyed by Hunter. He did not want to leave when they started closing down.

Morning being spent, a break home for a little reading and cleaning, before heading off again to afternoon youth carnival, where Hunter surprised Mom by going down an enormous inflatable slide, no hesitations. Is this the same kid who refused to go on any rides at the fair last summer, even the simplest kiddy rides?

Always full of surprises.

More simple carnvial-style games, fun prizes, inflatable obstacle course, balloons, talent show, playground with lots of other kids (who were a little more civil), and later on dinner at a buffet.

I think the weekend started early.

The day with the science boys  4.24.10 - Saturday

After T-ball, Hunter comes home to build a few creations with various blocks and manipulatives, and then to the movies on base.

Rest of day was spent almost entirely outside, with two other little boys, finding bugs and using hand held microscope to view them, breaking open a geode, playing with play dough, shooting hoops, and finding rocks.

Mom is always surprised at how much the neighborhood kids love Hunter's school things, always running off with his magnifying glass, compass, rulers, etc. Today they were playing with his chess set and math manipulatives.

Learning really is fun, I guess these kids only realize it when they're not in school and don't really think they're learning!

The day with the alien bee  4.25.10 - Sunday

Hunter dove right into play dough creations this morning. Ever since winning a miniature purple can of the playstuff at the carnival he has been molding various productions multiple times a day.

Hunter kept going outside and watering the "plants" (aka weeds) in the yard. Bird watching has become an almost nonchalant daily activity, so often Mom doesn't even notice it. But today Mom had to laugh when Hunter saw some birds over behind the house, pulled out a lawn chair outside of the fence and just sat there watching them peck at the grass for ten minutes.

Mom and Hunter saw some sort of bee-looking creature on the window, which stayed for quite a long time. Discussing what kind of insect it might be, Hunter informed Mom that, since it was not a honey bee, it was an alien.

Apparently, in his movie, they talk about how the bees defend the hive from any intruders or aliens. (Ah, gotta love that science video set!).

The day with the orange seeds  4.26.10 - Monday

Hunter tried to plant his breakfast's orange seeds today in hopes of a fruitful outcome. After pondering, "Why are there seeds in oranges?", he magically put the two and two together and began his gardening expedition.

Enthusiastic, I'm sure.

Later, out of nowhere, Hunter informed Mom that, "When it's raining here, it's raining everywhere else in this country."

Not sure where his logic originated or where that came from (it was not even raining), but Mom and Hunter had a little talk about climates and, coincidentally, the size limits of rain clouds.

Mom and Hunter went to the library today and got some books about volcanoes, rocks, earthquakes, and math. Hunter chose some books he can read and some other picture books, as well as (for the second time) a book about Chinese writing for children.

Guess he must really want to learn Chinese.

The day with a career as batman  4.27.10 - Tuesday

Mom and Hunter played a new matching game with very large numbers today, Hunter's stated subject he wanted to learn about. This was followed by a dino-game rerun from last night, with this little budding paleontologist.

Hunter's quote of the day: "Mom, what do you have to do if you want to be batman when you grow up?"

Mom suspects that, after many dialogues they've had how you have to work hard, learn lots of things, read well, and other various things in order to be an astronaut, or have a good job to support your family, or be whatever you want to be, that Hunter took it to heart. And is trying to figure out the ramifications of this actions-tied-to-career concept in another job prospect, aka, a superhero.

After seeing part of a segment that Mom was watching on extraordinary people about a toddler with a genetic disorder for dense muscle tone, Hunter goes on a strength showing-off spree and starts moving furniture, doing push-ups (he can do push-ups?), attacking the punching bag and finally asking to hang on pull-up bar.

Testosterone, one thinks?

The day with mold  4.28.10 - Wednesday

Hunter begins day again asking for pull-up bar. Lots of energy to burn. And strength to show off.

Hunter gets a first-hand glance at a really cool mold experiment Mom made found forgotten on top of the fridge. Yellow, green, and pink all in one place? A sure gold mine, Hunter was disgusted and fascinated at the same time.

Hunter told Mom another one of his famous stories that involved "strange, strange rhinos" looking "closely at a lion", before charging, of course, because the lion was somehow in offense and the "bad guy" of the story. More tales of safari expeditions with his cousins ensued, complete with "running like crazy", dogs with swords, and fancy sound effects.

While babysitting late at a friend's house, Hunter and Mom watched some really cool shows on the discovery channel about sharks, rats, Ligers, and amazing animal adaptations.

Hunter, obviously not used to TV (no cable television at home), kept saying, "You should buy that!" (egg cracker infomercial) and "I want to try that!" (granola nut clusters) and commenting on the amazingness of many other products flashed at him during the course of viewing.

Ah, another wonderful reason Mom is glad she doesn't have TV.

The day with chickie alarm clock  4.29.10 - Thursday

When Mom told Hunter that he would get to ride ponies tomorrow, Hunter said that when he rides on the ponies, everyone would be so proud of him because he can ride all by himself. And that they would think he was spiderman.

Hunter goes on a fixit binge today, attempting to repair his broken wind-up top. Another random question: "What would happen if we unscrew these scissors?"

Mom, among many other organizing tasks, fixes Hunter's bedside map display, since his old map moved downstairs and a great many of his flag posters have fallen off (gotta love textured walls). Mom is pleased with the colorful liveliness, versus his previous display, and excited to continue in our age-old bedtime habit again.

Hunter, sweet soul, decides to equip Mom with a nerf gun for safety as well as a second alarm clock: a stuffed Easter chickie, the kind that squeaks when you touch its feet or something. "It will work real good for you!" he assures

Ingenious, isn't it?

"And he hath filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge, and in all manner of workmanship"
Exodus 35:31
Hunter is 5 years, 1 month old


  1. Great week! Looks like a lot of fun!

  2. I love your format - Hunter quotes crack me up, especially the one about becoming a batman.


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