Monday, August 24, 2009

Welcome to our Room, Part 1

I always liked it when other homeschool blogs showed pictures of their "school room" (or wherever else they do a lot of their activities in the house) as sort of a reference point and whatnot.

Realizing I never took a full, panoramic picture of this room until now (because there have always been things I wanted to "edit", like hanging bookshelves or adding picture frames) I figured it was finally time since we're moving and, well, saying goodbye to this much-loved little adventureland.

- The alphabet mat: We do a lot of playing, games, and physical exercises on here.

- The bookshelf: The top shelf holds a Playmobil pirate ship, a solar system model, and some picture frames. The shelves hold books (sorted by type - i.e. books he can read, science, poetry, foreign languages, etc.), some picture frames and wooden vehicle toys, and a skeleton model. The bottom shelf holds a some games and puzzles that we've been playing recently (Brain QuestChutes and LaddersSpiderman Memory GameI Spy Alphabet Bingo, and a couple homemade games, as well as a bunch of jigsaw puzzles including a Fire Truck PuzzleUSA puzzle, and a variety of puzzles from the dollar store).

- His dresser harbors all of his clothes, and the drawers are labeled (as is pretty much everything else in the room). His dresser also has some realistic train stickers on them that he has learned, some from the 1890's and some from the 1950's. On top is a TV for watching science and foreign language videos, a piggy bank, some picture frames, and to the side are his towels and a basket of hygiene items (stain remover, comb, thermometer, etc.) On the right side of his dresser (not visible) is a periodic table of the elements poster, and on the wall are three file holders for holding flash cards (very easy access).

The flashcard-holders fit nicely above our basket for library books, and behind our rocking chair [note: link is newer version], which I got at Hunter's baby shower. It's amazing all the memories this chair has been through, from the corner I breastfed Hunter in while reading new parenting books to the place where Hunter and I read our first story together. It has been through many a story and cuddle, we will really miss it!

-Also behind the rocker is the entrance / coat rack. We got this cool mirror / small shelf / coat rack at a garage sale, I love it! This is where we hang our jackets, Hunter's backpack, my purse, etc. It is hard to keep this area organized though! The little shelf has a candle and some little boxes for hair accessories. More coming up on part two!

"He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good..." 
Micah 6:8
Hunter is 4 years, 5 months old

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