Thursday, July 9, 2009

Looking at Air Force display at the library

Looking at Air Force display at the library (mobile blogging)

Hunter is 4 years, 3 months old


  1. At what age was Hunter when you started homeschooling him this way? I have an 11 month old, what subjects/topics and schedule would you suggust I start this with him? I'd love your input:)

  2. It's neat that your library has a cool display! :)

  3. Hunter was 29 months old when I found Glenn Doman's books at the library, and shortly after I began implementing his techniques. As for subjects to teach your 11-month-old, you can teach him absolutely anything that you want! The world is literally your oyster and you can do as much or as little as you're comfortable with, and your baby will benefit from any and all joyful, respectful efforts in teaching him that you make.

    My recommendation would be start start with reading words. I started Hunter with math, then encyclopedic knowledge, then reading, but I regret that now and wish I would have started with reading first. Why? Because reading is the basis of all future learning. Hunter can read now, but not "fluently" (he can't just pick up any book and read it), and I wish that I would have started earlier, because I imagine how much he could be learning at this point if he could just pick up a book about dinosaurs or astronomy or ancient Egypt or whatever and read it to himself. You can teach reading by just writing down a word in big, bold font on a big piece of paper and showing it to him two or three times a day for a week or two. You can teach two words at a time or twenty, whatever you and him desire and can easily manage. In the meantime, you can begin teaching him whatever else you feel comfortable with.

    You could introduce him to classic music, foreign language videos or tapes, read him books about anything interesting (and not just "age appropriate" books. You can do board books as well as Shakespeare, he will benefit from hearing the language and can understand a lot more than you think). You don't have to go out and spend a fortune on any of this either - you can borrow all of these things from the library. Another thing that is free and VERY important is talking to him non-stop about anything and everything, and allowing room for LOTS of physical movement (physical movement literally, physically grows and organizes the brain).

    If, once you are comfortable in your "reading program", you feel ready for more, you can introduce a math program, then after you are comfortable in that, an encyclopedic knowledge program, if you wish. I would recommend checking out Doman's books from the library to get a basic "why" and "how" if you are interested in doing a structured math, encyclopedic knowledge, or physical program with your baby. But even if you don't do a structured program with these, your baby can learn lots of math and encyclopedic knowledge just by playing and reading books.

    As for a schedule, toddlers are very busy and can't sit for long so be sure to keep teaching sessions VERY short (5 seconds to show him a couple words is sufficient). Only teach him when he is in a GREAT mood, and stop teaching BEFORE he WANTS to stop. That way you will always leave him hungry for more instead of anxious to stop. Don't teach him old information over and over again, and don't test him. Give information like you would give a gift.

    And most of all, have fun. Always be joyful and teach ONLY because you think it is a great idea and you're thrilled to share information with your baby. Never teach out of duty, or you will hate it and so will he. And don't allow yourself to get overwhelmed - only teach as much as you can easily manage. If you have any more questions, feel free to email me and I'd love to share my experiences. Happy learning!

  4. Yes, our library has display windows like this throughout the whole library and switches them out every two weeks or so. I love our library, it's going to be weird moving to a new city and new library, but I'm sure we'll get used to it.

  5. Thank you so much for your input regarding my 11 month old. I've actually purchased the "Your Baby Can Read" DVDs and Flashcards before learning about Glenn Doman. I started him on those at 3 months old. He knows a few words... I know this by holding up a flashcard that says "tiger" and he will hand my the appropriate plastic toy animal. When I ask him if he wants a drink, bottle, or change a diaper... I've made cards with those words and hold them up as I ask him... I also have the math dot cards... but I've only shown him a set of 10 just a few times and have stopped because I feel I need to be more organized and have some type of schedule so I know he is ready to look at them and not run around playing with something else that distracts him. As far as physical, we "jump" on a trampoline nearly daily... swing and "climb" a little rock wall made for young children, and dance to a CD of classical music. As far as the encyclopedic knowledge I've recently made 11x11 cards just of colors, shapes, fruit, and since he likes to play with trucks, I made one with construction vehicles. But I've only shown these to him once. Thanks again for your opinion. I have to admit I check you blog daily. :}


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