Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Days of Creation Craft

For history this unit, one of the things we're learning about is the creation of the world according to the Genesis record. With this new school year, we're going to be doing a lot more crafts rather than exclusively open-ended art activities. Not that we're cutting out painting or playing with playdough, not by any means. But up until this point we haven't done that many crafts because most of the time, the preschool craft ideas I see are just plain dumb.

I got this idea from a half-made craft similar to this I saw with my mom's old homeschooling supplies.

I used six-inch high card stock numerals that I traced and then cut out myself (template to be available as soon as I can get my scanner to work). Then, we decorated each day as follows:

Day 1: God makes light and darkness

I glued black construction paper on the bottom half, and Hunter sprinkled white glitter on the top half.
Day 2: God makes the atmosphere

Hunter's favorite! He colored numeral blue, then tore up and glued on pieces of cotton balls.

Day 3: God separates the dry land from the water, makes all vegetation

Hunter colored the top half blue with waves, bottom half brown and green, then glued on leaf and flower cut-outs.
Day 4: God makes the sun and moon

I covered the numeral in black construction paper, then Hunter glued on handmade sun and moon cut-outs, as well as little star cut-outs.

Day 5: God makes all birds and creatures of the sea

Hunter colored the top half light blue, the bottom half dark blue, then glued animal stickers on.
Day 6: God make land animals, insects, and man

Hunter colored parts of it green, and drew a picture of Adam (since we didn't have any "man" stickers on hand). Then he covered the rest in animal stickers.

Day 7: God rests from his work

Hunter colored the numeral a light blue and then drew Z's all over it.

I hope this doesn't sound too complicated, because it really wasn't. All I did was think about what was made on each day, then went around the house looking for something that could represent the work of that particular day.

The stickers for days 5 and 6 came from scrapbooking materials we had, and the stars for day 4 came from a specially-shaped hole-punch, as did the flowers.

A few days before we did the craft, I gathered all the materials, did all the prep work (such as gluing black construction paper to days 1 and 4), and then placed it all in a bag, ready to use on that day! Preparing ahead is SO, SO important. I can just imagine spending half the morning searching around for all the materials, doing the prep work, getting everything set up, and then by the time it's all said and done, that's the only thing we got done that morning!

It was a really fun craft, which Hunter REALLY enjoyed (and has wanted to make more crafts ever since then, especially with glitter and cotton balls). I'm looking forward to more craft ideas for the coming year that will reinforce our lessons as well as be a fun keepsake for years to come.

Get free template for numerals by clicking here.

"And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good..."
Genesis 1:31

Hunter is 4 years, 2 months old


  1. I saw this on pinterest. Great idea! This is what I posted today off of my blog.

  2. I have been looking for a new way to teach my preschoolers (in school) about creation and I was very happy to find your blog...I'm not using it exactly as you presented but it has given me a wonderful jumping off place. Thanks, Kathy

  3. I have a new student starting tomorrow in Sunday School. He's just turned 3 and I am ever so glad I found your photo linked back to your post on Pinterest. Wonderful idea!

  4. Love this craft! I teach Children's Church and I think i'll be using this idea. I think it's a wonderful visual! Thanks for posting!
    Monica :)

  5. Hello! I'm wondering if you ever did post a template for the numbers or if I should just wing it. Thank you for the idea! We are doing Creation in our preschool/kindergarten work this week.

  6. Such a fun craft! Great idea. I am doing a creation unit right now. Thanks for sharing this! I am a new follower. Hope to see you at True Aim.

  7. Thanks for posting! I am going to borrow your idea and make it Sunday School teachable! I home educated both of my daughers through high school and wish I had seen some of the quotes on your blog during our home education years. blessings! Kim

  8. For those of you coming from Pinterest, this post is on her new blog with a free template:



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