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9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program

November 24-30, 2014

Age: 9 weeks old
Curriculum: early learning / infant stimulation program outlined in How Smart is Your Baby by Glenn Doman.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Our week of activities... Sort of

This week was a really "off" week. I'm not sure what is up with this whole, "one week on, one week off" pattern, but it's a bit discouraging.

Our six-week program was great - our seven-week program, not so much. Then our eight-week program was great, and now our nine-week program was pretty pitiful.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Snuggling with my sick babies

I mean, I guess weeks like this just happen sometimes.

Monday we ended up being gone all day going to doctors appointments, running errands, and shopping. Tuesday through Wednesday morning my youngest two were sick. Wednesday afternoon was spent getting ready for Thanksgiving, and then Thursday was spent celebrating Thanksgiving at a friend's house.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Happy Thanksgiving!

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Aria posing with her fruits for the week

Over the weekend Aria got her photos taken with all of the fruits that I bought for this week, and we briefly introduced them all. She had fun seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, and tasting them all, even though it was all packed into a much shorter time frame.

But our week really looked more like this:

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Story time

Snuggling and listening to stories with big brother.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program

Mommy catching a few minutes of silence while Aria watches Damien (3 years old) play iPad. We generally avoid screen time for her but every once and a while he will snuggle up next to her to play, they will both be content and quiet for a few minutes, and I just can't bear to disturb the peace.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Standing with support

Aria continues to love standing up with support. Half the time when she is fussing it's because she wants to be stood up or sat up.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Sucking thumb

Lots of thumb sucking going on around here. She started doing this around 7 week and has continued ever since. I love it because it is adorable and also because she soothes herself to sleep. It is priceless!

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Butt in the air

She has started to really frequently put her butt up in the air when she sleeps.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Turning in her sleep

She also continues to move quite a bit in her sleep. The above two pictures were taken within the same nap period. She started out with her head pointing towards the window and did almost a complete 180 by the time her nap was over.

9 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Christmas tree in our RV

We got the Christmas tree up the day after Thanksgiving. The kids are happy!

What her developmental profile currently looks like:

6 Weeks Old Early Learning Program

Resources used this week:

Free Infant Stimulation Kit for Glenn Doman "How Smart is Your Baby" Program

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  1. 2014/12/15 at 5:06 am

    Wow!! It is amazing~~
    What a fabulous job you are doing with your baby girl!!
    My little girl, Grace, is also born in September. I started doman program, but I am sturggling with it. She is my first baby, it could be one the reasons why. I really thank you for sharing all this.


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