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11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Aria with encyclopedic knowledge cards

December 8-14, 2014

Age: 11 weeks old
Curriculum: early learning / infant stimulation program outlined in How Smart is Your Baby by Glenn Doman.

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Our week

We had a nice week this week. We didn't do everything every day but we did do at least some things each day, so I'm happy with that.

It was our second week of doing the contrasting textures and doing encyclopedic knowledge picture cards. This is this week's content:

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
This week's content

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Contrasting texture pairs

We didn't get to her contrasting textures every day this week, but on the days we did she enjoyed it.

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Milestone: bringing hands together

At the very beginning of this week (the day she turned 11 weeks old) Aria reached a big milestone in small motor skills: bringing her hands together.

From what I researched this is considered an "advanced skill" for a three-month-old (a few three-month-olds can do it) and is mostly seen in four-month-olds. So it was pretty exciting to see her reach this stage at two and a half months!

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Hitting Oball around

To be honest, upon noticing her reach this milestone I realized that I was a bit "behind" in giving her the opportunity to bat at and reach for toys. I had been meaning to get out the toys for a while but just kept procrastinating. So this milestone was a bit of a wakeup call.

I promptly went and dug out the box of baby toys I had packed away, and then used these links to hang up our Oball (love that toy!) for her to reach at, hit, grab, and play with.

It was so amazing watching her take to the Oball so quickly. I love the design of the Oball that makes it so easy for tiny, clumsy hands to grasp and get a good grip on it. Such a simple but genious design! She played with the Oball hanging above her for several hours combined this week.

Love watching a baby's determination to master new skills, grow, and explore their world.

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Mouthing a toy hung in front of her

She has also started putting things in her mouth many different times this week. I couldn't believe it!

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Story time with brothers

We got in some story time most days.

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Balance activities on a mat

She still seems to like some of her balance activities but not others. Her favorites are sliding and turning on a mat, but she for some reason tends to dislike the tilting on a mat activities.

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Christmas fun

Aria seems to enjoy all of the Christmas lights we have been encountering. She went to her first parade (a Christmas parade) and was fascinated by the whole thing. She also enjoyed the lights at an outdoor Christmas movie.

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A little clip of Aria scooting in her track. She does the whole "inchworm" thing now which is so adorable! 

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She has also been really into "walking" (using the walking reflex) when she plays with big brother.

  11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program
Won't stop looking at her toes

When we went to the beach to take some family photos this week, she was completely fascinated by both the sand and her toes. It was pretty funny, actually, trying to get a good picture and she would NOT stop looking at her feet. (We finally did get one with her looking, though, thankfully!)

11 Weeks Old Early Learning Program

And just because: a picture of her sleeping. She's been sleeping so well lately (as long as her brothers don't wake her up!).

 Resources used this week:

  Free Infant Stimulation Kit for Glenn Doman "How Smart is Your Baby" Program
   Free Butterflies Flash Cards (set 2)Free Sea Shells Flash Cards (set 2)

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  1. 2015/02/01 at 3:20 pm

    Our baby boy brought his hands together at 3 weeks, so I’m surprised this should only come at 3 months.

  2. 2015/01/09 at 3:15 pm

    It’s already 14 weeks for now. Hope to hear from you soon.


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