Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Motherhood Make You Smarter?

I happened upon this article today and was tickled. Of course, you didn't have to tell me that having a baby has bettered me, in every conceivable aspect from intellect to character. Sharpened my senses? Duh. Given me better understanding, better judgment, better patience, better empathy? Of course. Inspired me to learn every thing I possibly could about ear infections, brain development, classical music, nutrition, education? Infinitely. Made me a better person in every possible way? Undoubtedly.

Then today I read the article, Giving birth to a better brain, and smiled at the research. And even though mothers are often "saddled with an unflattering stereotype -- incompetent, dull-witted, frazzled, and preoccupied with domestic affairs" there is research that possibly suggests that "motherhood may actually rewire the brain, making mothers (and involved fathers) more perceptive, competitive, efficient, and even socially aware."

Cool, huh?

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