Saturday, July 13, 2013

Damien Putting Together Puzzle (Video) 25 Months

Just for fun... A demonstration of Damien (currently age 25 months) putting together a simple 12-piece jigsaw puzzle.

He has only been doing jigsaw puzzles for a little over a month (you can see how I taught him here) and has caught on pretty quickly.

How to Teach Your Little Toddler to Do Jigsaw Puzzles (ages 1-2 years)

The kid loves puzzles and does this particular puzzle multiple times a day. He will complete the puzzle quite quickly, flip it over, do it again, and just keep repeating the whole sequence over and over again.

 I should probably have more available to him than I currently do. I am going to begin getting out some of the "bigger kid" puzzles I have (24+ pieces) and I am sure he will love them.

  Damien is currently 2 years, 1 month old (25 months)

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