Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Educational (and other) Goals for 2012

What a big year next year is going to be.

Hunter is going to turn seven. Seven.

Wasn't he just, y'know, like two?

By the end of next year, this little crawling monster of mine is going to be an eighteen month old, talking-running-hopefully reading, full-fledge toddler.


There are also a lot of other changes coming up for our family next year, although I can't really discuss all of them on this blog. They will be big, though.

So here are a few little thoughts on things that I want to do and accomplish in this next year. (I might add to this more, later).

1. Start our running program as a family again

2. Build a new brachiation ladder (monkey bars) for Hunter's room

3. Blog regularly and increase readership with good, useful content

4. Read at least 10 "high level" novels aloud with the boys

5. Work with Hunter on improving his penmanship and composition

6. Teach Damien how to swim independently

7. Have Damien reading simple sentences and home-made books

8. Teach Damien (and Hunter) at least 1000 bits of intelligence (flash cards), (in: art, biology, general science, geography, history, human anatomy, languages, literature, mathematics, music, and scripture)

9. Potty train Damien

10. Build own website

11. Learn how to develop apps

12. Start online business - thousands of free downloads and a few material things to sell

13. Learn more about Montessori activities, specifically for infants and toddlers

14. Touch up on my Spanish - be able to hold a simple conversation again

15. Help Damien understand simple mathematics and numbers

16. Complete our studies of ancient history and move onto the middle ages

17. Read through the Bible with the boys at least once 

18. Read through Proverbs with boys at least 10 times

19. Visit all museums in local city

20. Have Hunter ready to begin algebra and geometry by end of year (Math 8)

21. Have Hunter working at at least a fourth to fifth grade level in most subjects

22. Inventory, declutter, and simplify school supplies

23. Teach Hunter to play piano beyond beginners level

24. Take the boys to Yosmite

25. See the Grand Canyon with the boys

26. Resume "Word of the Day"

27. Go to bed every night with a clean kitchen

28. Keep a simple homeschooling journal for each boy

29. Touch up on Hunter's geography skills

30. Eat homemade dinners 6x a week - limit processed food and eating out

31. Wean Damien from pacifier (by 12 months)

32. Limit sugar to once a day - less regularly for the boys

33. Learn at least 200 words in American Sign Language and use regularly with Damien

34. Take pictures every day

35. Have Hunter baptized (he voluntarily asked if he could be last December)

36. Smile. Be patient. Enjoy each moment.

"A man's heart deviseth his way: but the LORD directeth his steps." 
Proverbs 16:9

Hunter is 6 years, 9 months old
Damien is 6 months, 3 weeks old


  1. When you say Math 8 for Hunter, do you mean you intend to try and get him through all of the JG curriculum in a year?

    Can you please do a post on how the Program works, like do you have to do EACH level, or do you do only every other level. I spoke with Chris the JG Rep about this, but he didn't make it clear...

  2. Happy New Year and many blessings on your family for this coming year :). I look forward to the new blog posts and websites you've mentioned.

  3. Hi, thanks for your questions!

    With the Jones Geniuses math, what I understand is that if you are NEW to the program you start with one of their odd-numbered programs (Math 1, 3, 5, or 7) but if you are on your second or later program, you start with an EVEN numbered program (4, 6, then 8 - they don't currently have a "2" level but are working on one, as of now a child would just go straight from level 1 to level 3).

    Hunter has completed level 1 and a lot of level 3. Our goal is to finish up with level 3 and complete levels 4 and 6 this year, and for him to be ready to start level 8 by the end of this year/beginning of next. Theoretically, each level is one semester (12 weeks), so it is certainly possible, but we will see how far we get. As they say, aim for the moon and if you miss, you'll at least land among the stars, right?

    I hope this helps! I have been working on more posts about the program, hopefully I will get them up soon.

  4. I absolutely love reading your blog. Your list is really inspiring. Best wishes for 2012!

  5. Great! Good luck with your math ambitions! I Can't wait to see how you guys like the JG Math programs! I'm so excited for the day when I will have my own family and I love reading your blog for ideas and instructions.

    Hey, you may like to read about this series of Math books for Hunter to study from after Math 8. http://www.artofproblemsolving.com/Store/curriculum.php

    It may be something your family will like.

    Good luck and many blessings!

    PS: Is 2012 Hunters "1st Grade" year?

  6. Thank you so much for the curriculum recommendation. What a neat idea, I had never heard of them before but it looks just wonderful! I really appreciate it.

    And, the 2011/2012 school year that we are currently in would, age-wise, be Hunter's "1st grade" year and he would be in "2nd grade" next fall.

  7. Best wishes for the New Year! I'm a regular reader - found your website from a search for Doman after I learned about it in Suzuki violin pedagogy class. :-) Keep it up - your boys are so fortunate to have such a loving, caring, teacher (and mother, of course! ;-) and we are fortunate to have such an inspiring role model documenting her journey! Thanks for everything!

  8. Thank you, Caroline, and "Olive's mum"! I really appreciate the encouragement and kind words. A great new year to everyone!

  9. OOO Elizabeth!
    When I read your list of goals I wanted to scream!!!! Really, I also have a LONG list of stuff I want to do (including clean kitchen every night!!!)

    But when I made my priority: smile,be patient, enjoy each moment (your last number 36) achieving any goals became much easier.

    Good luck with your 2012 goals!
    Love to read your blog!


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