Friday, November 19, 2010

Bike Riding (Physical Excellence Friday)

"Life is like riding a bicycle - in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving."   
-Albert Einstein
One of Hunter's favorite things.

And who can blame him?

Mom really loves it when he bike rides, too. Not only is it a great aerobic and general mobility activity, it is wonderful for vestibular (balance) stimulation and is also a cross-pattern activity, using both the left and right sides to peddle and steer simultaneously, strengthening the corpus callosum and general brain function.

Plus? It is just plain, good old-fashioned fun.

Physical Excellence Friday

"Thou liftest me up to the wind; thou causest me to ride upon it, and dissolvest my substance." 

Job 30:22

Hunter is 5 years, 8 months old


  1. Found you via Military Spouse Blogging Community @ Household 6 Diva. Yeah! Someone like me!

    I have an almost kindergarten lil boy (and a newly preschool age lil boy) and a baby princess. I want to homseschool too!

    Following you from lil-LIZ-bits, lil-bits from my Navy Wife Life Mom-prenuer adventures. Love to see you on Facebook too!

  2. Hello! I'm a brand new follower of your blog, and a fellow Navy wife :-)

    I'm very interested in homeschooling, and I'm so glad I came across your blog!!

  3. Hi, I love your blog and I think you really deserve an award which is waiting for you at my blog! I am so happy I found you! Ewa


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