Friday, June 25, 2010

Cursive Beginnings


Hunter has recently decided that he wants to learn how to write in cursive.

The above picture is of a free-hand lowercase alphabet he decided to make for me the other day.

I was printing out a cursive handwriting guide, something I was possibly considering teaching this fall and wanted to get him excited about it now, and he managed to smear water all over the first copy whilst helping me with the printing. Gotta love little kids help sometimes.

Feeling remorseful about destroying it, he decided that he would just "make me a new one" and proceeded to spend the next hour-ish meticulously copying the lowercase cursive alphabet onto a blank piece of paper. First in pencil, then in ink.

It was a sweet gesture, really.

Since then we have gone back to it a couple of times and he has learned to write his first name, and has been practicing (a little) the first few letters of the lowercase alphabet. No rush of course and, he thinks it's really cool. A "secret code", if you will.

Sounds good to me.
Cursive Handwriting Printable                                                            

"All this, said David, the LORD made me understand in writing by his hand upon me, even all the works of this pattern."
1 Chronicles 28:19
Hunter is 5 years, 3 months old


  1. Wow! That's amazing! We are still working on printing.

  2. Thanks, and yes he has really taken off with the whole writing thing over this past year. Writing used to be one of his weakest areas but I guess he decided he really likes it now, I feel silly for ever having "worried" about him. All kids develop at their own pace, I wish I wouldn't forget that!


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