Sunday, February 21, 2010

With the Passing Winds...

Life never really does quite sit still, does it?

Of course, I'm not sure why that even slightly comes as a surprise to me, but it always seems that whenever I start getting used to something, things tend to get all mixed up.

This picture I took of Hunter brushing his teeth a little bit ago, is a classic look of his. He smiles, shy yet reassured, as he gets ready to head off and leave me with a lot to think about.

Right now a lot is on my mind as we are about to embark on a whole new chapter in our life. Just as it seems we were beginning to be getting in the swing of things with a new house, a new state, and a new family, everything is about to be flipped around again. As I type this, I am home alone, with the exception of our little puppy curled up in a ball next to me. Brandon is out of town, and Hunter is dreaming away at his first overnight at a friend's house. In the morning, I will begin a forty-hour week at a training course to become a Navy certified child care provider. Hunter, for tomorrow at least, will be packing off as a guest at his friend's kindergarten class (which is full day, and an hour drive away).

I am pretty sure that I am going to be spending the entire day tomorrow worrying about him.

When we first made the plans, his friend's grandma, who is the kindergarten teacher, asked, "Will you be okay with this?"

"Yeah, he should be fine." I said. "It's only kindergarten, right?"

"Well, kindergarten isn't what it used to be." She chuckled, in her sweet, soft-toned voice. "They don't just play anymore. In fact, they don't do hardly any playing at all."

This was not the most reassuring of words I could have heard. But somehow, I agreed and am trusting that he will, well, manage just fine.

The changes, though, that are about to take place, are significantly larger than Hunter going to school for a day. While I am constantly wondering where the time has gone, this whole "growing up" thing is becoming more and more obvious as: 1. Hunter prepares for his first sports league, T-ball (with 5 to 7 year olds!), which starts in April. 2. The days are coming closer to signing Hunter up to participate in activities at the local school (part time, of course, as an enrichment supplement). 3. I am in the beginning stages of planning Hunter's kindergarten curriculum, trying to figure out how to wrap the other kids' curriculum around that of Hunter's and how I intend to manage homeschooling multiple children at once, while still giving Hunter the attention and stimulation he deserves.

This new era of homeschooling a crowd will be interesting, especially when topped off with business demands, marital demands, household demands, and soon-to-be college demands, I am preparing for a challenging adventure. And while I sit here, mind-boggled, wondering how it's going to all work out, the best words of reassurance I can try to convince myself of is, "Liz, it always does..."

"...all the days of my appointed time will I wait, till my change come."
Job 14:14
Hunter is 4 years, 11 months old

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