Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day #2

So today was day two of our crash-course packing. Hunter went with his cousin for the morning (I would have rather had him with me but, I let him go so he could spend some extra time with Anthony before we leave). I missed the little guy a lot. I know a lot of people like to  have the kids out of the way while they're working, but I hate it (well, most of the time).

Anyway, I spent the morning pulling everything out into the yard and sorting through and packing it. It was a bit overwhelming at first but once I got going and got an idea of what was there, it didn't seem so monumental anymore.

When Hunter got home he was really surprised to see all that had happened since he left. He immediately started digging into some cars that he hadn't seen in a while and was racing them down his little track. It's funny watching him play because, even with the cars, he makes up his own little dialogue full of "Oops, I'm sorry" or "Hey get over here" and all sorts of other funny little personalities he puts into his toys.

He played some, helped me pack some, caught a few toads, moaned about the sun going down ("Man," he said "I can't believe the day is almost over!"), and ate a late dinner of steak and hashbrowns (courtesy of Grandpa). We also got to observe a huge spider (well, in Indiana terms) that had made a really pretty web overnight, and we watched it rolling up an insect in its web and then eating it (or rather, sucking it's blood - Hunter thought this was AMAZING).

It was a fun day. Tomorrow we'll be working in the bedroom. Things are looking up, and it looks like we may just get all this packing done after all.

"Our soul waiteth for the LORD: he is our help and our shield."
Psalm 33:20

Hunter is 4 years, 5 months old 

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