Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pieces of My Week 5.12.13: Legos, Undies, Phonics (Life as DomanMom)

Legos Hunter (8) building with Legos, a constant this past week

I am working on sharing more of the journey of parenthood and teacher-hood with my boys: the process, the stretches between the milestones.

Because sometimes, between blog posts, things aren't so glamorous. And they aren't so organized and concise. And it doesn't always make sense in the moment.

But the beauty is in the journey. The path. The growth. And I am trying to recognize that and, more importantly, remember those little details that fade into the distance with the blink of an eye. Some pieces of my week...


That I could focus. I feel like my brain is constantly, overwhelmingly full. Trying to focus on multiple things at one time, almost always. Never able to settle down on one thing an put action to it.

That my only responsibility was my kids. The chores, the "adult stuff", I wish it would all go away. In a perfect world I could spend all of my working hours teaching and learning with my kids.

For just one regret-free day. Where I did everything "right". A full, peaceful, fulfilling day where everything that needed to, got done.


Starting Damien (23 months) on simple phonetic books. He is so interested in sounding out words. He loves phonics. He will love it.

Making more flash card videos so my life can be easier during some more transitions in the following weeks.

Finishing Hunter's (age 8) 5th grade curriculum before summer gets away from us. Doing more interactive, hands-on things with his coursework.

Damien's second birthday.

Damien building towers with blocks

Frustrated with...

Damien loving my iPhone a little too much.

Disorganization. Sitting too long.

Grown-up stuff. Paper. Too slowly developing technology.


Hunter's obsession with Legos. Damien's obsession with blocks.

Spring. Sweet, sweet Tennessee.

Undies at naptime. Eventually undies at bedtime (so far this week, we have had 3 dry overnight diapers in the morning).

Damien acting like a cat. Damien wanting to snuggle so very, very often. Damien being obsessed with learning.

Hunter explaining things to me. Hunter always wanting to talk. Hunter showing me self-learned computer shortcut buttons.

Underwear for naps
Batman in tighty whities. 23 months old.

My own little journey....

Learning to be present.

Learning to devote more time to what keeps life running.

Learning to celebrate the successes no matter how small.

The goal is the same: life itself; and the price is the same; life itself. James Agee

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