Friday, April 20, 2012

Swimming Lessons 2012 - Damien (Physical Excellence Friday)


Ideally, our Doman-style swimming lessons would continue year-round.

 But then reality sets in, and there is pretty much nothing that is going to motivate me to go swimming when it is 40 or 50 degrees outside, no matter how "mild" that is in comparison to some of the other winter climates in the country and world.

 So trying to be realistic, our swimming lesson season runs from about April through October, giving us a good 5 to 6 months a year, 3 to 6 days a week.

 On our first day of swimming earlier this week, it was encouraging to note that Damien took to the water like a fish (which I know is totally cliche). In fact, the first day we went swimming, I had planned to just let Hunter swim and we were going to watch. Ha. Nice try, Mom.

 Damien was so enthusiastic about the water that I couldn't keep him out of it. I ended up giving up the battle to keep him poolside, and we waded on the stairs after stripping him down to his diaper. He splashed and kicked with gusto.

  swim 2_new

So, as our swimming season began earlier this week at the first sign of warm weather (it's been in the upper 70's and 80's, finally), I would like to share with you some goals I am hoping to accomplish by the end of the "summer" (October) at which time Damien will be 16 months old.

 These goals might be lofty, or they might be underestimating him - who knows. Whatever doesn't get accomplished this summer, we will pick up next summer (or maybe even during the winter if we could ever find an indoor pool).
  • Swim 3-10 feet underwater independently
  • Float on back independently
  • Jump into water (from sitting or standing) and then swim back up to surface to adult or edge of pool
  • Swim to edge and hold on
  • Climb out of the pool from stairs
  • Dive for objects at bottom of pool (in very shallow water, body height or less)
  • Roll over in water from front to back
  • Swim and come up for breaths, either by sticking head out of water or flipping on back to breath/rest, as in here
  • Water safety (do not enter pool without adult, do not enter after swim time is over, careful jumping, more)
Damien's current skill level? He splashes, kicks, eagerly puts his face in the water, and (sometimes) holds his breath underwater momentarily. He used to do well floating on his back in the bathtub, but currently is not too fond of it. I suppose he is out of practice.

Hunter's goals (age 7) for the summer are a bit more extensive and deserve a post of their own (next week). Wish us luck!  

"And he shall spread forth his hands in the midst of them, as he that swimmeth spreadeth forth his hands to swim..." Isaiah 25:11
Damien is 10 months, 2 weeks old

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